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Build 0.2.23 – The Christmas Build

December 21, 2007 Leave a comment
foldier Christmas buildDecember 20 2007.
We just released a new build that enhances some of foldier’s features. The third update since we began the beta, we call it “Christmas Build” and it addresses many of the suggestions from our early beta users.
Here are the highlights:

Flickr Data Source

A new Flickr link button is on the Connect page. You can now link your existing Flickr account to foldier, so you can look at, organize and share all your Flickr pictures and your photo album (or photo set) within foldier. Nothing changes in your Flickr account and nothing moves out of it. You can keep adding and changing pictures in Flickr and foldier will automatically update to display the changes you made. Keeping all organized and easy to find.

Improved Performance

We are working hard to improve the performance of the system. In this build you should notice a general speed improvement and in particular better response on operations on group of selected items and smart folder sharing. We will increase the number of users in the early part of 2008. If you experience performance problems, let us know right away.

Improved User Interface

Thanks to the comments of our early users, we’ve made some changes in the interface. The most important is the change to the way ‘item links’ work on the browse page. With this version, the name and the thumbnail of an item directly link to the item download. We added a little icon under the name to access the ‘Comment’ page for each item.

Better browser support

We improved browser support and included Opera and Safari as supported browsers. There may be difference of behavior on browsers of the same version running on different platform. For example, we have not tested Opera browser on Linux or on any mobile device. Let us know if you do!

Ability to connect existing Amazon S3 accounts

If you already have an account for Amazon S3 you can now connect it (free of charge) to foldier. In the Connect page click on the Amazon S3 button and the follow the link at the top: “Connect your existing S3 account”. You will be asked for the name of the new Data Source, and the “Access Key ID” and “Secret Access Key”. This connector will not interfere with existing data you may have on S3. Instead, it will create a spacial bucket reserved for data managed by foldier. Once the connector is created you will be able to upload and access any data within this foldier bucket using the foldier user interface.

I would like to thank our beta users for their participation and really helpful suggestions. Please keep giving us your opinions and let us know how would you like to use the service. Merry Christmas!

Michele Ursino


Meeting Lew Tucker from Radar Network

December 14, 2007 Leave a comment

Last night I attended the BAIA (Business Association Italy America) event “From Leonardo to Web 2.0” and I had the pleasure to meet Lew Tucker VP of Engineering at Radar Networks. Lew is one of the creator of Twine an amazing new semantic web application. I gave Lew a quick demo of foldier.

If you want to know more about Twine check out this video featuring Radar Network CEO Nova Spivak in the first in-depth public demo of Twine technology.

Michele Ursino

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