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Important weekend stories

February 24, 2008 Leave a comment

From Mary Trigiani:  Some reliable news and blog outlets are writing about Twine‘s upcoming announcement of another round of funding.  Congratulations to Twine!  At foldier, we believe that semantic features and applications will only extend the reach and utility of all networks — especially social.  It’s great that the investment tribe sees value in all the semantic-focused effort out here.

And, on the data portability front, technologists everywhere are sweetening the pot for the winning entry into the logo competition.  This illustrates how much the issue of portability touches every corner of the Internet.  I also think it’s demonstrating how good it feels to play nice.


Some tech blogs we read

February 21, 2008 Leave a comment

About the social semantic web format updates


Web Strategy by Jeremiah

FoundRead [where we’ve been published!]

Lightspeed Venture Partners

MIT/Stanford Venture Lab on multi-platform social networks

February 20, 2008 2 comments

This all-volunteer organization hosted another great gathering last night at Stanford, “Shaking the Money Tree of Multi-Platform Social Networks.” The presenters and panel were excellent. Make sure to visit the VLab site to learn more about Jeremiah Owyang of Forrester, Jia Shen of RockYou, Sourabh Niyogi of SocialMedia, Steve Cohen of Bebo, Kevin Marks of Google OpenSocial and Ken Gullicksen of Morgenthaler Ventures.

The biggest take-away from the panel discussion for foldier is: applications “attacking” utility issues for Internet users will be in high demand in the coming months. We’ve seen some fun entertainment apps, and now the panel is forecasting apps that make using our content easier. While foldier is a standalone system that people can use without any connection to the social networks, a great many of our members will be linking to their content on a variety of networks and sharing links with others, organizing their content and searching it very easily.

So whether we wear a social network application hat or a foldier-only hat, we are all about making the Internet easier to navigate. Last night was yet another validation of our purpose and our timing.

One day left to do your DataPortability video

February 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Grab your webcam and take five minutes to share what you think about the issue of data portability. Then post it on a video sharing site and tag it “DataPortabilityAndMe.” Here are some topics.

  • What does DataPortability mean to you?
  • How do you imagine DataPortability might change the way you use the web?
  • How would you explain the value of DataPortability to Vendors – those that store the data.
  • How would you explain the value of DataPortability to Users – those that create and own the data.
  • Ideally, what would you like to see from the DataPortability Project in the next 12 months? 24 months?
  • What else would you like to say? Make up a question and answer it!

Data portability and sustaining a tight focus

February 9, 2008 Leave a comment

From Mary TrigianiThis post at profy delves a bit more into the question of the best way to steer the workflow of the new Data Portability organization.  Cyndy Aleo-Carreira also cites J Trent Adams’ set of notes capturing the dialogue of Thursday evening’s meeting.

Data portability meeting in San Francisco

February 8, 2008 Leave a comment

From Mary Trigiani: I attended the gathering sponsored by RapLeaf in San Francisco on February 7. We learned that data portability means different things to different people, so we had a lively discussion and see many more down the road.

For foldier, data portability means giving every one of us the ability to retain ownership of the content we create — yet respecting the website owners who give us the tools to create and house it. As Michele wrote a couple of weeks ago, we are all about data portability. It’s why he began developing this tool. We give people a place to link and share their content — and create a virtual filing system for searching that content, wherever it is. We should be working with others to establish appropriate boundaries and protect everyone’s rights.

The folks participating in this effort are from all over the world and every side the issue — large corporate to startup, established identity activist to technology guru, etc. We’re very pleased to be involved in our small way.

If you’re interested in this and/or have some experience or research to offer, you should step up. No formal invitation or introduction required. For more information about this particular effort and for more background on the issues, check these websites.

Identity Commons

ReadWrite Web


PC World

Chris Messina, November 26 2007

Chris Messina, February 6 2008

100 Day Mark

February 2, 2008 Leave a comment

Our private beta has been running now for 100 days. One of the interesting feature in foldier is the ability to publish a smartfolder as a RSS feed. On these sites you can see it in action:

BellaPelle: one of the hottest beauty salon in San Francisco
has 3 RSS feeds powered by foldier.

BAIA Network

BAIA Network: a non profit organization linking Italian and America businesses has 1 RSS feed powered by foldier.


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