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Data portability meeting in San Francisco

From Mary Trigiani: I attended the gathering sponsored by RapLeaf in San Francisco on February 7. We learned that data portability means different things to different people, so we had a lively discussion and see many more down the road.

For foldier, data portability means giving every one of us the ability to retain ownership of the content we create — yet respecting the website owners who give us the tools to create and house it. As Michele wrote a couple of weeks ago, we are all about data portability. It’s why he began developing this tool. We give people a place to link and share their content — and create a virtual filing system for searching that content, wherever it is. We should be working with others to establish appropriate boundaries and protect everyone’s rights.

The folks participating in this effort are from all over the world and every side the issue — large corporate to startup, established identity activist to technology guru, etc. We’re very pleased to be involved in our small way.

If you’re interested in this and/or have some experience or research to offer, you should step up. No formal invitation or introduction required. For more information about this particular effort and for more background on the issues, check these websites.


Identity Commons

ReadWrite Web


PC World

Chris Messina, November 26 2007

Chris Messina, February 6 2008

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