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foldier new build is here!

We rolled out yet another build of foldier. This one is more like a full release as it introduces a new look and many, many new features.

Here is a list of some of the more exciting things we added:

  • Facebook connector to connect your pictures and your contacts from Facebook.
  • Flashes and Flash Feed to give you instant update to what is going on.
  • Browser bookmarklet to quickly add links to foldier directly from your browser.
  • Easy setup wizard to make it easier to start using and enjoying the power of foldier!
  • Better (cleaner) look and feel (let us know what you think and how to improve it)
  • Contact manager to see and manage in one place who is connecting with you and vice versa.
  • A feedback link is always there for you to send us opinions and questions.
  • More and more features were added – look throughout the interface.

We hope you may like the new foldier and stay assured we are not done.
Stay tuned…


  1. May 2, 2008 at 1:04 am

    Well, it’s official, I’m not going to become a Twine user. foldier simply does the job better for me.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m certainly not an expert on Twine. I only tested it a dozen times or so, creating a few twines and adding some items (around 20, I believe). Maybe I just missed some stuff.

    BUT, the reality is, I don’t have time to become an expert to make a decision. And the same is true for most Internet users.

    The built-in connection to the Amazon S3 service and the way files stored in my S3 account are readily available (and automatically organized) by foldier is a huge plus for me.

    Quick tagging, organizing (smartFolders), re-organizing (same item in multiple smartFolders), and searching work great in the latest foldier.

    Many other features (e.g. browser plug in, item-specific comments, etc.), work similarly in the two systems, as far as I’m concerned. Since their usefulness is comparable, they don’t play a role in the decision of using Twine vs. foldier.

    So… for what it is worth: congratulations to the foldier team. I’m in. Keep up the good work!

    Full Disclosure: I’ve been involved with foldier since the early days as an alpha user, harassing the team with lots of feedback over time. However, if an application like Twine worked better for me, I’d use it. I don’t have time to use a friend’s Web app if it doesn’t do the job. Period.

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