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Adding links and RSS feeds to foldier

May 29, 2008 2 comments

Another great feature of the new version of foldier is the so called ‘bookmarklet‘ that allow to add page links and RSS feeds from within your browser with few clicks of your mouse.


First you need to install the bookmarklet. In your own foldier home page follow the link ‘Get the Bookmarklet’ on the right side of the screen. The installation is super easy if you are on Firefox, Safari or Opera.
Just drag and drop the ‘Add to foldier‘ button in the center of the page in your bookmarks toolbar.

Add bookmarklet in Safari

In Internet Explorer you need to right-click on the ‘Add to foldier‘ button from the bookmarklet installation page and select ‘Add to favorites’. Pick “Links” as target for your favorite and press OK.

Add bokmarklet in IE


Now – while you navigate – you can just click ‘Add to foldier‘ (now in your bookmarks toolbar) and save the page or the embedded RSS feeds to your account in foldier.

Try with this url: You will see a popup window appear and you can select the page or the RSS feed embedded. If you click on the page link, you can then add tags and description.

Add to Foldier in Firefox

Last, but not last, when you add a link you can also decide to share it with some of your contacts in foldier. Click on the ‘Share‘ checkbox. It is easier then copy and paste to an email and allows the recipients to add comments on your share directly within foldier.

After adding your link and you go back to you will find notifications in your flash feed:

Flash alert for a new bookmark



Public profiles and public smart folders

May 28, 2008 2 comments

With the latest update we introduced a couple of new interesting features: public profiles and public smart folders.

Every foldier user has now a profile page visible to everybody. Here is mine.

foldier user profile

In the profile page you see the public information for the user and the list of his/her published folders. If you are a foldier user you can reach your profile page (once you log in) by clicking on your name (in top right corner) and from the settings page.

Publishing smart folders is easy, just click on the Publish button on the right side of the folder title.

Publishing a smart folder

A published smart folder is listed in your profile page, is available to everybody on the Internet and grants visibility to its public items (shareable items and private items remain invisible to outside users).

Public folders are also available as RSS feeds and the profile page provides a link to a OPML file that can be used to import all the public folders in many RSS news reader.


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Omnidrive is back

omnidrveOmnidrive is back and with a new strategy: “All your file together at last”.

Sounds a lot like foldier. So we may officially declare Omnidrive to be our first direct competitor.

This new approach is coming after a difficult period culminated with the web site being down until few days ago.

Some interesting posts about it were posted on Valleywag and on The Inquisitr .

Overall I expected this to happen, and I am sure Omnidrive is just the first. The fact is that what we envision 2 years ago has one of the biggest challenge for the usability of the future Web is now gaining recognition as one of the big opportunity for new companies in the post web 2.0 era.

We will report more on this and other new players as soon as they appear.


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Startup Camp in San Francisco

Startup Camp

We are attending the Startup Camp today. Will report about this unconference later this week.

Why foldier is going to be your next social utility

Because it’s there? No.

Because it makes digital life what it’s supposed to be: easier.

You’re going to use foldier because it’s time you got hold of all the digital fragments flying around your own personal digital galaxy. Instead of you going to the planets, though, foldier brings the planets to you. No rocket ship necessary.

Simply save your digital items to foldier, and the link to them will stay on foldier — while the content stays where it was created.

  • Your best contact list is on Facebook? No need to copy the list to foldier — just connect your Facebook account to foldier and you can send your contacts any kind of link. Without invading their privacy.
  • Your photos are all on Flickr? Just connect your accounts and you have a virtual photo file.
  • Trying to keep up with the latest political developments? Create your own custom RSS feed from all your favorite news sources.

And you can access your content from any PC anywhere.

Watch this space to hear about new features and enhancements. And click here for your invitation to join the foldier beta.

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7 signs that you need foldier

May 2, 2008 6 comments
  1. You can’t remember where you stored the pictures from your last vacation.
  2. You always spend to much time deciding where to file the new document you received from your boss and always know you won’t find it later when she needs it.
  3. You want to send a web link to some of your Facebook contacts and you don’t want to have to update it all the time.
  4. Your hard drive is getting clunky because you’ve got too many files on it.
  5. You don’t know why three quarters of the bookmarks in your browser are important and you don’t have time to visit them all.
  6. You think you are writing brilliant blog posts and want to build buzz with a click of a button.
  7. You like to send interesting articles to your clients and you want to engage them in conversation about the subject matter privately.
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3 reasons to try foldier

  1. You are a neat freak who loves filing.
  2. You save everything but you hate filing.
  3. You want to be part of an Internet startup’s beta — the testing period.
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