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Why foldier is going to be your next social utility

Because it’s there? No.

Because it makes digital life what it’s supposed to be: easier.

You’re going to use foldier because it’s time you got hold of all the digital fragments flying around your own personal digital galaxy. Instead of you going to the planets, though, foldier brings the planets to you. No rocket ship necessary.

Simply save your digital items to foldier, and the link to them will stay on foldier — while the content stays where it was created.

  • Your best contact list is on Facebook? No need to copy the list to foldier — just connect your Facebook account to foldier and you can send your contacts any kind of link. Without invading their privacy.
  • Your photos are all on Flickr? Just connect your accounts and you have a virtual photo file.
  • Trying to keep up with the latest political developments? Create your own custom RSS feed from all your favorite news sources.

And you can access your content from any PC anywhere.

Watch this space to hear about new features and enhancements. And click here for your invitation to join the foldier beta.

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