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Foldier Publishing: How and Why

How to publish a foldier

Publishing in foldier is easy. Open the smart folder you want to publish (you will be in the My Items page), click on the ‘Folder’ menu button and hit Publish.

Publishing a smart folder from the 'folder' menu

Publishing a smart folder from the 'folder' menu

A this point foldier will open the Publishing Box and ask you three things:

1 – How many items you want to be visible to the outside

Publishing a smart folder generates a public page, a RSS feed and the ability to embed the folder as a widget within any HTML pages, blogs, social networks etc. You need to tell foldier how many articles will be broadcast at any given time. A number between 10 and 20 is the norm.

2 – If you want to publish all the items currently in the folder

This option will change the permissions to everything inside the current folder to Public. Only public items are visible through public folders to the outside.
If you already have some selected items marked as public and do not want everything else in the folder to be published then uncheck this option.

3 – Few words to describe your published folder

This is important because the description will appear on the top of the public page. So write something meaningful introducing your audience to the content of the page.

See here an example »

Why publishing a foldier?

You may want to publish a folder for all sort of reasons. Here I have a few for you (in random order):

  • Because you are an expert on a given subject and want to expose what is best (or worst) out there
  • Because you want to keep your friends informed and up to date on something you care
  • Because you want to show support to a cause
  • Because you are too lazy to write a blog and post everyday. It is just easier to publish who you agree with.
  • Because is fun
  • Because it aggregates news and web pages that are not available as RSS feeds
  • Because you are conspiracy theorist and want to create a feed with all the evidence of your case!
  • Because you want to show in your blog a list of articles relevant to your posts and want the list to be dynamic and changing…

And this list can go on …

We gather traffic statistics on all the published folders and the ‘Most Popular‘ section is updated every day. We look forward to see your editorial capabilities in action!

I will post next a few tips on how to setup within a foldier account a quick publishing system you can update everyday with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Michele Ursino

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