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sPressing media content

The latest release of foldier is introducing sPress: an application that allows any foldier user to produce ‘blog’ style pages with content collected from the Internet (blogs, Internet searches, Twitters, YouTube etc).

With this new version we improved the “Add to Foldier” bookmarklet as well.

( See my post: “Adding links and RSS feeds to foldier” to learn the basic of the bookmarklet ).

Now you can add media content to your sPression while you are surfing the Internet and without having to access foldier site directly. When you visit any web site you can click on the “Add to foldier” button (the bookmarklet) in your “Bookmarks Toolbar” to add that page to foldier.

Now we added some extra capabilities to allow this tool to understand “Media Content” embedded in the pages of some popular site. So, when you use the bookmarklet on one the following sites:

amazon.com  (amazon products)
youtube.com (video)
vimeo.com  (video)
viddler.com  (video)
slideshare.com (flash slideshow)
revision3.com  (video)
metacafe.com  (video)
hulu.com  (video)
funnyordie.com  (video)
flickr.com (video and photos)
docstoc.com (flash documents)

You will be prompted to choose the “Content” within the page or the page itself.

Adding a YouTube video to foldier

When you pick the content (a video or a product or a document) a representation of it becomes available as a separate entity within foldier. For example a video from YouTube becomes available as video object you can post in any of your sPression. This way, adding media to your sPression becomes as simple as clicking on a menu option!

To see an example check the “quick introduction video” posted on the sPression called “Who’s talking about foldier?” and try it for yourself by adding rich content into your sPressions.


Michele Ursino

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