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More on the the Interoperable Internet: the rise of the Internet OS.

Michele UrsinoI am writing this post with Flock, a new web browser (yes another one) based on Firefox engine. In fact it is Firefox with tools attached to it.

One of these tool is a “blog editor” the allows me to write a blog and submit the content to a blog engine like WordPress.

The magic is performed yet again by an open standard API called MetaWeblog.

I believe in a few years we will see the emerging of we can call the “Internet API”.

That will be nothing less than a collection of API established as standard and used by most systems online.
This will create a “de facto” OS, totally hosted in the cloud. Writing applications on this platform will consist of connecting together “abstract” services (using standard APIs). The user will choose which concrete service to use with the application depending on personal preferences.

So, a blogging platform will connect an editor, a commenting system, a layout editor, an aggragation engine, a picture browser and so on. The user will pick the services she already use or will subscribe to whatever is more convenient.

No one will own this platform: no Microsoft,  or Google, or Sun, or Facebook or anyone else.

Foldier is moving in this direction. We believe in the Interoperable Internet and we will use standard API whenever possible. We will make our service interoperable offering our own API, and we will adopt standard protocols when they exist.
We believe this trend is strong and will get even stronger in the near future. Do you?

– Michele Ursino

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