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Interoperability at work

At this point is clear we believe interoperability between Web Services through open API and standard protocols is key for the development of the Internet Platform. So I want to start writing about some simple example that should clarify how effective and powerful the Interoperable Internet can be.

A first – very simple – example comes from a feature we want to add to foldier. We want to automatically post on twitter a note when sPressing an article with a comment from within foldier. The comment used in foldier will be the post in twitter along the link to the posted item.

We don’t have this feature yet but a recent video from Robert Scoble about FriendFeed made me realize I could setup these three services (foldier, friendfeed and twitter) so to provide with a similar capability.

Here is how in two simple steps:

1 – Given an sPression in foldier import its RSS feed as a blog in FriendFeed.

In FriendFeed select Import site
Under Blogging click on Blog
Type (or paste) the URL of the sPression in the Blog URL text box
Click on Import Blog

2 – Setup your account in FriendFeed to post on twitter when new items from the added blog are found

Still in FriendFeed click on Account (on the top of the page)
Under the Feed Publishing section check the mark where it says Post my FriendFeed on Twitter
Enter you Twitter credentials and check the mark for the feed imported in step1

This setup will import the sPression RSS feed in FriendFeed and trigger a twitt message automatically when new items are discovered.
This very simple setup is possible because of the RSS protocol and the Twitter API.
Now, the RSS allows two services (foldier and FriendFeed) that don’t know each other to communicate effectively. If there was a standatd API for MicroBlogging and multiple services implementing it we could connect FriendFeed to one or more compatible MicroBlogging services.

With this setup we do not get the comment entered in foldier during the sPression of an item into the message in Twitter, we get the title of the article instead.
This is good enough for now, so check an example of posted Twitt from a published item in foldier here:

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