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Lorenzo and his WII

wii_logoWe here at Foldier love to program, write complex SQL queries, and spend endless amount of time on our own sPressions, but we are human and we need a break from our laptops.

The Wii is our choice for unwinding.

Luckily, we do not have to go far for the newest information on the Wii and upcoming releases for it.

Lorenzo Nana writes an excellent sPression: “Wii: News, reviews and video from Nintendo World” combining all features from articles to videos.

Lorenzo sPression about the WII

Lorenzo sPression about the WII

We even love Lorenzo’s spression look and feel matching the Wii’s light blue color.

The foldier Team

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foldier: a step toward the semantic-web

Waving the Web

In Tim Berners-Lee’s book, Weaving the Web , he describes a future for the internet in what he calls the semantic web  (Tim Berners-Lee’s is the sole inventor of the WorldWideWeb).

We here at Foldier are always looking for the next advancement of such a concept and have implemented one of the many steps to produce Berners-Lee’s concept of the semantic web.

Berners-Lee describes a portion of his dreams as:

Collaborations extend to computers.  Machines become capable of analyzing all the data on the Web – the content, links, and transactions between people and computers.

With the integration of our Foldier sPressions, the data sources that interest you are brought directly to your sPression home.
No longer do you have to search endlessly for an article of particular interest to you or your friends.
Over time  – analyzing your decisions on what you sPress and what you ignore, the search will be perfected and fine tuned (this feature will be included in the new Beta version of Foldier).

foldier will use collective decisions to present its users with exactly the information they need.  Instead of a prolonged search dictated by algorithms, internet traffic, or whatever fairy dust a SEO sprinkles on, you define data sources, you read, you share.  In short, your valued information finds you.  The information you want is as simple as clicking on the Review Collected Items in your Foldier home page.

We here at Foldier are in awe of Mr. Berner-Lee’s foresight and could not imagine in the almost decade since our reading of Weaving the Web that in some small way we would help carry on his torch.

Ian McDonald

Luca’s Simpsons-Family Guy-Futurama

We would like to spotlight Bottaro’s sPression on the popular cartoons, Family Guy, Futurama, and The Simpsons. Luca’s sPression utilizes our ability to drag and drop videos directly into his sPression. Rather than having to search the web for his favorite videos, we bring it directly to Luca. So Luca can choose his favorite clips and share them all with his friends.

With the introduction of our linking to and, Luca could display entire seasons of his favorite shows on his sPression or just his favorite clips. Bottaro has used his sPression to create his own personal highlight reel of his favorite moments.

Simpsons - Family guy - Futurama sPression

Simpsons - Family guy - Futurama sPression

The foldier team.

foldier sPress featuring Paolo Pontoniere

We introduced foldier sPress just a bit more than a couple of months ago. Now, we are starting to see some interesting use of this new application. So we will start posting here some of the most interesting sPressions.

Let’s start with “L’altra Faccia delle News” (“The other side of the news”) an sPression by Paolo Pontoniere.

L'Altra Faccia delle News

L'Altra Faccia delle News

Paolo Pontoniere is a Journalist. Living in San Francisco: “reporting about everything that moves under the Sun, and very often also about what doesn’t pulse or can’t be seen, like business and economics” .

The sPression reports good articles and links in Italian and English.

Paolo has two blogs: Glocanomica in Italian (c/o IFAF – Finance Training) and Vironomics in English (c/o L’espresso).

To see Paolo’s and other popular sPressions visit foldier sPress .

Michele Ursino