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New foldier 2.27 is online


We just released a new version of foldier (v 2.27). With this update we are opening the site to everyone. This is not a private beta anymore. For the occasion, we added some very interesting new features. Here are the big ones:

twitter-logoTwitter Alerts: Connect foldier to your Twitter account and send outbound messages on Twitter every time you publish any item in one of your sPression in foldier.

rss_60x60Suggested Sources: foldier brings the internet and its data sources directly to you. Every sPression you create represents a topic of interest. foldier now analyzes user behavior and builds recommendations from around the Net. Be ready to discover new sites and RSS feeds you would have never found otherwise!

gdocico-50x50Google Docs: foldier is now providing the ability to connect, view, manage and publish documents from Google Docs. These documents remain live documents and you may continue to edit them after you have posted. Now you can publish your own content in your sPression along with the best out there.

thespressionistsquare100x100The sPressionist: As a demonstration of what you can do with foldier we created an online digital newspaper: The sPressionist. By simply putting together the widgets for a few sPressions we publish a daily update on the status of the evolution of Printed Media to the Digital Age. With little effort you can create a fully functioning newspaper as well… using foldier!

foldier is open to everybody… no invitation or special requests are needed, just register here for your account ( …yes, yes it’s free of course! ).


The foldier team

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