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How “Green” is Obama really?

With the constant drama in the current political landscape, it is easy to overlook the greater political spectrum. When properly instructed, foldier helps by constantly finding new information about a particular subject. This is the case for Jennifer De Marco. She is tracking the environmental policies and the progression of these policies during the Obama administration. You can be more informed about these issues and you don’t have to read a plethora of sites and to find the right article – “How Green is Obama?

How Green is Obama ?

How Green is Obama ?

Just recently Jen found an article from the New York Times (“Obama. Who Vowed Rapid Action on Climate Change. Turns More Cautious“) looking into the Obama’s recent statements about the environment. The article highlights whether Obama is being coy about his intentions for environmental policy change or whether he does not have the political clout or will to proceed for environmental change. Jen asks, “is the Times is stirring things up or are they really onto something?

Jennifer collection does not merely focus on the American landscape of the environment, but looks at the global perspective of environmental changes. She points out an article from treehugger.com “How Overfishing Almost Got Capt. Phillips Killed by Pirates” creating a link between overfishing in Somalia and the captivity of Capt. Philips. We would have never thought about that connection!
So… how “Green” is Obama really? Just follow Jen’s sPression http://www.foldier.com/spress/352459 and you will get punctual updates on the green policies of the new President. We read it every day!

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    Hi, Excellent post, some really useful environmental information here and well worth knowing about.


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