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Introducing The sPressionist

The sPressionist

The sPressionist

The sPressionist is the first online aggregated newspaper dedicated to following printed news media and exclusively powered by foldier.

Our focus is how the print media, media in general, and journalism are shifting from the printed form to the digital age. ThesPressionist.com went online just a couple weeks ago.

We created this site because we wanted to showcase the power of foldier’s sPressions to create a fully foldier-generated site. Choosing a topic for the site was easy. Dramatic changes in delivery and consumptions of news are currently happening due to Internet and new applications like foldier.

Watch this video segment where technology journalists, Jeff Jarvis and Michael Arrington discuss the future of news reporting.

There is a whole new class of people that don’t necessarily blog but all they do is read everything, constantly, on Google Reader or whatever and they disseminate that on twitter or whatever… and those people are an increasingly important part of the ecosystem

Well, foldier is a great tool for those people that read everything. And foldier is the tool that is making those people (the disseminators) increasingly important.

With foldier you can aggregate and discover new content on the Web, then you select and publish (sPressing) what is interesting. And then, when you sPress a link, an article or a video that action can be broadcasted to Twitter, FriendFeed and Facebook. So you become a “news disseminator“!

foldier is more powerful and way more useful of a simple RSS reader because (1) it filters incoming articles and separate them using keyword matching; (2) it aggregates more than just RSS feeds, in fact it allows to add simple links (pretty much like a bookmarking tool), or to connect services like Flickr, Delicious, Facebook and Google Docs; (3) it offers the capability of publishing (syndicate) worthy items hence giving its user the power of expressing their opinions on what is available over the Web.

The sPressionist is an example of what you can do if you have interest and you want to follow a particular topic or an entire subject area. All content published on the sPressionist is driven by foldier.  Every heading is a different sPression with aggregated data from multiple websites varying from blogs to century old newspaper institutions.  We created a widget for each sPression, gave it the “News” look and feel and set them up in a simple three column page.

And of course, you can follow The sPressionist on Twitter.

The whole process is not complicated and can be easily replicated by anyone with a little HTML know-how!

Started as an example the sPressionist is already capturing a lot of interest. Few sites on the web have such up to date information and collect articles from such a wide array of sources. We look at how the traditional media is shifting and its future. We believe foldier is part of that future. So we hope that you enjoy the capabilities of sPressions, but also hope you enjoy the content!

The foldier team

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