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How to build and maintain a successful sPression

foldier is great and can really change the way someone stays informed and keeps friends and colleagues up to date on a specific topic. But creating a very effective sPression and unleashing the full potential from foldier requires a little bit of skills.

Here are a few tips to create and maintain your sPression that should help in collecting the right type of links and articles:

  1. When you create a new spression keep it simple at first. Use few and general keywords related to your topic. Try to capture the main sources that will deliver the initial content.
  2. Give your sPression a week or so and then check the Suggested Sources. Do not hesitate to click on the delete button at the right of the source when the suggestion is not relevant or interesting to you.
  3. Refine your Search Terms for your sPression. Just click on the Settings button for your sPression and add more keywords in the “sPression Search Terms” text field. These keywords serve two purposes: (a) they filter everything incoming to your account and collect interesting articles and links for your sPression; (b) they help foldier in searching new potential sources of information.
    Give it few days and you will see new sources matching these terms being recommended for your sPression.

The foldier team.

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