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Mara’s sPression about Cinema!

It’s not difficult to find interesting sPressions. We’re always looking. One that we have had our eye on for a while is Mara’s sPression about cinema. Mara has recounted her trips to various movies that have come out and provides us with a little review along with a trailer or a bit of the movie itself.

Mara sPression about Cinema

Mara sPression about Cinema

Our personal favorite is “Who framed Roger Rabbit” or in italian “Chi ha incastrato Roger Rabbit.” We have not viewed “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” in a very long time, but it remains “un classico” in Italian or in English. Personally, we love the translation of the character voices from English to another language and see how if it does change the movies interpretation or not. Of course, Mara has reminded us all how great “Roger Rabbit” was in any language.

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