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About foldier

Not a Twitter clone, or Facebook or a social network…
but we still want to be your friend


Recently, Read.Write.Web. (a fantastic read) published a review of a media-sharing site and stated it was not just another twitter clone. We, the little guys do not have space on important outlets to explain the details of our service. So let us be the first to tell the world, we are not another twitter clone.

We are an add-on, a cog within the greater network of services. Twitter, Facebook, Google or foldier alone is not enough. It is all about interoperability. While other companies attempt to take over the world, foldier wants to optimize the enjoyability of its users and their use of the many mechanisms of the web.

Here are a few of those features unique to foldier that will enhance your web experience.

An Aggregator

foldier is first and foremost an aggregator of information. Opposed to Google, Yahoo, or Bing!, foldier finds data not for the immediate interest but for the long term. Reading a single or newest article of a subject of interest does not quell and satisfy the entirety of that interest.

You describe the subject of your interest by enter few significant keyword and foldier finds source of information about your topic, so keeping you update on a constant basis. foldier brings articles, pictures, videos to you.

You can manage sources, such as blogs or newspapers that are most important to you and – with time – foldier will learn more about your interest and will suggest more sources you have not found yet.

The end experience is greater than a single search. It gives your subject a texture, depth, and well-roundedness. The experience is writing a thesis as opposed to writing a book report.

Furthermore, the bigger the communities the more sources that will be recommended to you.

Micro-Blogging & Blogging

If you want express/suggest some of your data or internet meandering to others, you can do it using sPression, very similar to a blog.

Like a blog, you can publish your own content. All you have to do is to connect Google Docs to foldier and you can publish text documents or spreadsheet or surveys or even graphs, if you are brainy type.

Of course every time you publish something you want your friends on Twitter or Facebook to be alerted. Foldier does that automatically of course!

An Online Tool for organizing your data

foldier is also a great tool to organize data online. Think of it as a file system for the Internet. Your data is housed everywhere within multiple services.

foldier links these services and indexes your data inside them. So you can start searching and organizing your own Internet. With smart folders (that is saved searches) you have a system that automatically filters new content within any connected source according to your predefined search criteria.

The Future

As foldier grows, so will its capabilities. We have quite a few great new features coming (wink, wink). The great discussions that could be had and presented by your sPress. Finally, we love your feedback more than most services. You – the reader of this blog – can shape the future of foldier, just do not call us a twitter-clone, we will take it personally.

The foldier Team

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