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Mind the Bridge’s sPression: Using foldier’s technology to promote ideals

Mind the Bridge is an organization devoted to bridging the entrepreneurial spirit (and investments) of Silicon Valley to the untapped start-ups of Italy. Mind the Bridge has created a sPression that captures the news of innovation and entrepreneurship and utilizes the widget feature to display interesting news and content within the organization own blog: mindthebridge.blogspot.com.

At Mind the Bridge they use foldier to find interesting news about innovation, start-ups and entrepenurship. For example we get this YouTube video provided by 10 Downing St. “Celebrating Innovation“, or this interesting article “How Stanford’s Knight Fellowships are revamping for innovation” about how university-based fellowship programs can trigger innovation across the world. A must read!

The foldier widget in Mind the Bridge’s blog contextualizes the greater goals, interests, and ideals of this organization with the current news surrounding the main topic of their blog.

We at foldier share the goal and vision of innovation and entrepreneurship embodied by “Mind The Bridge”, in fact because some of us come from Italy we passionately support the mission of promoting and developing Italian best business ideas around the world.

We highly recommend reading Mind the Bridge’s sPression and blog.

The foldier team.

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