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foldier sPress: Where we are and where we are going

foldier sPress beta 2.29

We released a new version of our online application called foldier sPress 2.29 just few days ago. I believe the time has arrived to explain more about our vision and what this new release represents in the path we are following.

Let’s start with what you can do with foldier sPress today. The new big feature of this release is the sPress Site and the Page Editor used to design its content. With this feature you can easily build a News site dedicated to any topic of your choice.

Because foldier constantly refresh the content from your connected Media Sources you always have fresh content classified and ready for you to review.
You act as the “Editor in chief” of your News Site. You decide what and when to publish. You can comment and explain why you publish some articles and not others. You can write your own content and publish it side by side with any other article coming from major journalist or blogger.

This is News Publishing for the masses.

This is what we have today.

But our journey is far from over. In fact this is just the beginning.

Soon we will offer “premium” features that will allow our site owners to personalize their publications and make them as independent web site as any news site out there on the Internet.
Site owners will be able to add their own advertising and collect revenue from it. Will be able to host their site under their domain name. And will be able to directly customize any detail of the look and feel of their site with more templates and all the way to the CSS style sheets.

foldier sPress will be a one stop solution for creating rich media sites that are easy to build, and more importantly, easy to maintain with fresh and up-to date content.

foldier sPress provides also other ways of broadcasting: available today we have RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook, tomorrow we will extend our capabilities to other social networks (linkedin, myspace etc). We will allow you to reach your audience where ever they are.

And this is all in our short term future.

In the longer term we see foldier in the middle of the News [R]evolution. We see a future where a multitude of content producers like journalists, bloggers, photographers and videographers make their material available to a vast community of news publishers. We are not talking about the traditional publishers of today (playing on traditional paper or the Internet), we are talking about people like me and you. People with a passion and people with small and large communities of followers.

In this new ecosystem News content to the large audience is totally free. The authors of the content receive their awards by having a larger number of publishers from which they can collect revenues via subscription or advertising. Premium content is available free to consume from a multitude of small publishers that will reward the content owners with advertising revenue or/and subscription fees.

Michele Ursino

“foldier spress: where we are and where we are going”
Michele Ursino
is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License

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