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Adding links and RSS feeds to foldier

May 29, 2008 2 comments

Another great feature of the new version of foldier is the so called ‘bookmarklet‘ that allow to add page links and RSS feeds from within your browser with few clicks of your mouse.


First you need to install the bookmarklet. In your own foldier home page follow the link ‘Get the Bookmarklet’ on the right side of the screen. The installation is super easy if you are on Firefox, Safari or Opera.
Just drag and drop the ‘Add to foldier‘ button in the center of the page in your bookmarks toolbar.

Add bookmarklet in Safari

In Internet Explorer you need to right-click on the ‘Add to foldier‘ button from the bookmarklet installation page and select ‘Add to favorites’. Pick “Links” as target for your favorite and press OK.

Add bokmarklet in IE


Now – while you navigate – you can just click ‘Add to foldier‘ (now in your bookmarks toolbar) and save the page or the embedded RSS feeds to your account in foldier.

Try with this url: You will see a popup window appear and you can select the page or the RSS feed embedded. If you click on the page link, you can then add tags and description.

Add to Foldier in Firefox

Last, but not last, when you add a link you can also decide to share it with some of your contacts in foldier. Click on the ‘Share‘ checkbox. It is easier then copy and paste to an email and allows the recipients to add comments on your share directly within foldier.

After adding your link and you go back to you will find notifications in your flash feed:

Flash alert for a new bookmark



Why I use foldier instead of email

January 17, 2008 Leave a comment

As a consultant, I do a lot of reading — to keep up with clients’ industries, monitor competitors and the like. I’m always sending articles and podcasts to clients, something they appreciate. Email has been my primary tool — the advantage being that I can forward a link pretty easily and include a note with a comment.

Since we’re in beta, I’ve been using foldier with our testers to see how the process works for them. So far, so good. And I really like it for several reasons.

  • By creating smartfolders on some key topics and sharing them with contacts who share that interest, all I have to do is tag the link I’m sharing, and the distribution list is done.
  • I don’t have to store things on my hard drive or bookmark links. The content stays on the original site, and the links remain on foldier.
  • People can comment and actually have conversations about what I share. I anticipate that this will be great for client service — they’ll be able to participate at their own convenience and I gain some insight into their priorities and how they view the business climate.
  • I’m one of those people who saves emails. So foldier enables me to cut back on emails and email storage.

I’ll keep you posted on whether this keeps working well for me during the beta. I’m really looking forward to testing this with clients after we launch.