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New foldier beta 2.28

foldier beta 2.28

Welcome back again to another release of foldier.
As usual we like to give you here a quick overview of what is new in this latest release. The following is just is a quick overview, we will follow up later with more detailed posts on every single new feature.


We introduce in this release our first API to access foldier from other web application. We have implemented a simple REST API with full OAuth protocol authorization pipeline. We also created a Wiki Site dedicated to the documentation of the API (

Improved Search Engine

A very important component of the foldier infrastructure is its search engine. Everything in foldier is organized using searches. We improved our engine to search inside the aggregated item descriptions. This results in better categorization for items matching keywords specified in your sPressions.

New Home Page

We moved the community all the way to the front. The new home page now has featured sthe most popular and most recent Pressions. From the home page visitors can now search for topic or for users. Check it out here!

Better foldier link bar

Links broadcasted to the followers now feature a much improved toolbar. The toolbar allows the visitor to access simple foldier features like rating and comments as well as linking the web page to other content posted by the same foldier user.

Better performance

We added to this release more aggressive code optimization and better caching for content. In our tests some browsing operation have seen speed improvements up to 50%.

Full integration with Google Docs

Now, once you connect your Google Docs account you can create new document and edit existing one directly from within foldier. Also publishing of Google Docs have been simplified. Now you can write your own original content using the powerful features of Google online editors and post this content in your own sPression with simple Drag & Drop.

This post was original written in Google Docs and published here.

The foldier team.


10 Good Reasons to sPress

  • Share what you’re reading with your friends
  • Comment on what you’re reading and be critical!
  • Learn more about the subject with foldier’s suggested reading
  • Finally use Google Docs as editor for your posts!
  • Neither Oprah nor your mom has heard of it
  • It helps making your feed on Twitter more interesting – it gets you followers!
  • It can drive traffic to your blog
  • You really have to read whatever you spress so it forces you to stay informed
  • It’s fun!
  • … And you look cooler when you’re doing it

New foldier 2.27 is online


We just released a new version of foldier (v 2.27). With this update we are opening the site to everyone. This is not a private beta anymore. For the occasion, we added some very interesting new features. Here are the big ones:

twitter-logoTwitter Alerts: Connect foldier to your Twitter account and send outbound messages on Twitter every time you publish any item in one of your sPression in foldier.

rss_60x60Suggested Sources: foldier brings the internet and its data sources directly to you. Every sPression you create represents a topic of interest. foldier now analyzes user behavior and builds recommendations from around the Net. Be ready to discover new sites and RSS feeds you would have never found otherwise!

gdocico-50x50Google Docs: foldier is now providing the ability to connect, view, manage and publish documents from Google Docs. These documents remain live documents and you may continue to edit them after you have posted. Now you can publish your own content in your sPression along with the best out there.

thespressionistsquare100x100The sPressionist: As a demonstration of what you can do with foldier we created an online digital newspaper: The sPressionist. By simply putting together the widgets for a few sPressions we publish a daily update on the status of the evolution of Printed Media to the Digital Age. With little effort you can create a fully functioning newspaper as well… using foldier!

foldier is open to everybody… no invitation or special requests are needed, just register here for your account ( …yes, yes it’s free of course! ).


The foldier team

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