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foldier in maintenance

foldier beta 2.28

Sunday August 9th 2009
We are currently upgrading foldier to the new version 2.28. This upgrade should take us a couple hours.

We are expecting to be back online by 12 pm PST.

12:44 pm – The update is still in progress. Everything is going well – it just takes a little longer than expected

1:30 pm – The update is ready. foldier is back online.

Thank you for your patience.

The foldier team.

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New foldier update. (Build 25)

July 16, 2008 1 comment

A new build went online last night. We codenamed this release ‘Goldfinger‘. It has various improvements and some great new features I think you all will like.

So these are the highlights:

Community section: this part of foldier is freely accessible from the public site and features the public foldiers and the profiles of the users part of the foldier community. Check it out at here.

Publishing: the publishing feature has been greatly improved. When you publish a smart folder you produce content consumable in multiple ways: as a public web page, a RSS feed, and a widget to include in your own web page (blogs, personal site, social network, etc. )

Widget Editor: this is a brand new feature. It allows you to customize your published widget foldier to your specification. In a few clicks you can change style, colors and layout of your widget and retrieve the HTML code to include in your page. the popular Yahoo bookmarking service it is now supported as data source. You can link all your bookmark in to your foldier account. Of course, when you add a bookmark in delicious it will also become available within foldier and will have the exact tags you set on delicious. So no reason to change, keep using delicious (or start using it), and integrate your online bookmarks with the rest of your online data using foldier!

Browsing: we add new display styles to the foldier browser. Now you can visualize your data in tiles mode, details, or simple lists. The view mode are available in the “View as..” menu in the “My Items” page.

Improved “add to foldier” bookmarklet: the new version detects more information and behave better even with non well formed web pages. You can now share your added links to you contacts, contact groups, or you can just type the email of your recipient! (For the ones who already installed it I recommend to install it again because the new version adjust  the size of the pop up window to accommodate the new features)

Convert links in comment to foldier items: when you add a full URL to a comment foldier will automatically add that link as a new item in your account (it is saved, it is searchable and it is automatically organized). And, if your comment URL is on an item followed by multiple people, then your link is also automatically shared to all of them.

More options when uploading files to AmazonS3 storage: if you have an S3 account within foldier you will see more options in the upload page. You now can share, and organize your uploads directly from there.

Behind the scenes we also worked hard fixing bugs and improving the performance of the system. Your feedback is key in this BETA process. Keep sending us your notes, requests and observation.

We linked the ‘Send you Feedback‘ button (available on the top of every page within foldier) to our bug tracking system. So you are in direct contact with the developers!

Thank you and enjoy foldier