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foldier sPress: Where we are and where we are going

January 15, 2010 Leave a comment

foldier sPress beta 2.29

We released a new version of our online application called foldier sPress 2.29 just few days ago. I believe the time has arrived to explain more about our vision and what this new release represents in the path we are following.

Let’s start with what you can do with foldier sPress today. The new big feature of this release is the sPress Site and the Page Editor used to design its content. With this feature you can easily build a News site dedicated to any topic of your choice.

Because foldier constantly refresh the content from your connected Media Sources you always have fresh content classified and ready for you to review.
You act as the “Editor in chief” of your News Site. You decide what and when to publish. You can comment and explain why you publish some articles and not others. You can write your own content and publish it side by side with any other article coming from major journalist or blogger.

This is News Publishing for the masses.

This is what we have today.

But our journey is far from over. In fact this is just the beginning.

Soon we will offer “premium” features that will allow our site owners to personalize their publications and make them as independent web site as any news site out there on the Internet.
Site owners will be able to add their own advertising and collect revenue from it. Will be able to host their site under their domain name. And will be able to directly customize any detail of the look and feel of their site with more templates and all the way to the CSS style sheets.

foldier sPress will be a one stop solution for creating rich media sites that are easy to build, and more importantly, easy to maintain with fresh and up-to date content.

foldier sPress provides also other ways of broadcasting: available today we have RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook, tomorrow we will extend our capabilities to other social networks (linkedin, myspace etc). We will allow you to reach your audience where ever they are.

And this is all in our short term future.

In the longer term we see foldier in the middle of the News [R]evolution. We see a future where a multitude of content producers like journalists, bloggers, photographers and videographers make their material available to a vast community of news publishers. We are not talking about the traditional publishers of today (playing on traditional paper or the Internet), we are talking about people like me and you. People with a passion and people with small and large communities of followers.

In this new ecosystem News content to the large audience is totally free. The authors of the content receive their awards by having a larger number of publishers from which they can collect revenues via subscription or advertising. Premium content is available free to consume from a multitude of small publishers that will reward the content owners with advertising revenue or/and subscription fees.

Michele Ursino

“foldier spress: where we are and where we are going”
Michele Ursino
is licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License


Foldier Publishing: How and Why

How to publish a foldier

Publishing in foldier is easy. Open the smart folder you want to publish (you will be in the My Items page), click on the ‘Folder’ menu button and hit Publish.

Publishing a smart folder from the 'folder' menu

Publishing a smart folder from the 'folder' menu

A this point foldier will open the Publishing Box and ask you three things:

1 – How many items you want to be visible to the outside

Publishing a smart folder generates a public page, a RSS feed and the ability to embed the folder as a widget within any HTML pages, blogs, social networks etc. You need to tell foldier how many articles will be broadcast at any given time. A number between 10 and 20 is the norm.

2 – If you want to publish all the items currently in the folder

This option will change the permissions to everything inside the current folder to Public. Only public items are visible through public folders to the outside.
If you already have some selected items marked as public and do not want everything else in the folder to be published then uncheck this option.

3 – Few words to describe your published folder

This is important because the description will appear on the top of the public page. So write something meaningful introducing your audience to the content of the page.

See here an example »

Why publishing a foldier?

You may want to publish a folder for all sort of reasons. Here I have a few for you (in random order):

  • Because you are an expert on a given subject and want to expose what is best (or worst) out there
  • Because you want to keep your friends informed and up to date on something you care
  • Because you want to show support to a cause
  • Because you are too lazy to write a blog and post everyday. It is just easier to publish who you agree with.
  • Because is fun
  • Because it aggregates news and web pages that are not available as RSS feeds
  • Because you are conspiracy theorist and want to create a feed with all the evidence of your case!
  • Because you want to show in your blog a list of articles relevant to your posts and want the list to be dynamic and changing…

And this list can go on …

We gather traffic statistics on all the published folders and the ‘Most Popular‘ section is updated every day. We look forward to see your editorial capabilities in action!

I will post next a few tips on how to setup within a foldier account a quick publishing system you can update everyday with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Michele Ursino


Few weeks ago we introduced the ‘Community’ section. This public part of the foldier web site features the most interesting and popular published foldiers from our users.

A published foldier is not just a public page connected to a user profile, but is also a RSS feed that can be connected to any RSS reader available, and a HTML widget that can be embedded in any public or private web page.

To generate the widget code to embed in a web page you can use the widget editor. Once you published a folder the widget editor is available in the folder menu.

Opening the widget editor for a published folder

Opening the widget editor for a published folder

Once you are in the editor you can adjust various display features, like dimension, style, etc.

Adjusting parameters and customize the appearance

Adjusting parameters and customize the appearance

When you satisfied you can grab the code (copy it in the clipboard) and use it in any page you like.

Getting the code!

Getting the code!

Here is an example of a foldier widget embedded within the social networking home page of BAIA LINK.

BAIA Link using foldier widget

BAIA Link using foldier widget

So enjoy and widgetize your public folders!

Private, Shareable and Public: Permissions in foldier.

July 22, 2008 2 comments

In foldier we can set permission for items and folders. These permissions control how links and files can be accessed by other people.

Setting permission to private tells foldier the data item is not to be visible to anyone other than the owner. This remains true even when the item is picked up by a shared folder or public folder.

Setting permission to shareable tells foldier the data item can be accessed by people we explicitly share it with. The item can be shared to other users but will not be visible to the general public even when is picked up by a public (published) folder.

Setting permission to public tells foldier to remove any access restriction to this item. It will be shared to other foldier users and will be visible to everybody else when is discovered by a public folder.

Setting permission to public for a folder means the folder is published and it is available in the Community section of the web site open to everybody. Only public items inside a public folder are visible to the outside world.

Public profiles and public smart folders

May 28, 2008 2 comments

With the latest update we introduced a couple of new interesting features: public profiles and public smart folders.

Every foldier user has now a profile page visible to everybody. Here is mine.

foldier user profile

In the profile page you see the public information for the user and the list of his/her published folders. If you are a foldier user you can reach your profile page (once you log in) by clicking on your name (in top right corner) and from the settings page.

Publishing smart folders is easy, just click on the Publish button on the right side of the folder title.

Publishing a smart folder

A published smart folder is listed in your profile page, is available to everybody on the Internet and grants visibility to its public items (shareable items and private items remain invisible to outside users).

Public folders are also available as RSS feeds and the profile page provides a link to a OPML file that can be used to import all the public folders in many RSS news reader.


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